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The C.S.I. Congregation of Dallas has been part of the Christian Community since 1998. Our Congregation runs under the guidance of C.S.I. Madhya Kerala Diocese.

In 2008, the congregation bought a sanctuary with four acres of land in Garland, Texas. We conduct our Sunday services in Malayalam and English, alternatively.

Our purpose as a church is to grow and spread the Gospel of Salvation and proclaim Christ’s love to his children. We come from different parts of Kerala, India and are diverse in age, but stand firm in Faith and Spirit. We believe our strengths exist in the areas of worship and fellowship. We accept and honor all newcomers seeking to grow spiritually with us as a family. Please contact us and let us know how we can be of help in your spiritual journey.

Our church was established so its members could experience traditional services held both in Malayalam and English. The church embraces all values and traditions and still continues as the only church in Texas to be under the guidance of the C.S.I Madhya Kerala Diocese.
Our Bishop
Bishop of Madhya Kerala Diocese & Deputy Moderator of C.S.I.

Our Vicar
(appointed by the Madhya Kerala Diocese from May 1st, 2014)
Our mission as the C.S.I. Congregation of Dallas is to grow in the community and spread, encourage and promote the Christian faith to our neighbors. We aim to do this by personal evangelism and by supporting missions here and abroad. We also assume responsibility in teaching our youth the doctrines and traditions held by the Church of South India as well as aid them and others in developing their Christian faith.
Our Mission
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Church of South India is compromised from four traditional churches, Anglican (Episcopal), Congregational, Presbyterian and Methodist.  These Churches were all established in India, through many Missionaries that came from England, United States and Australia in the Eighteenth century.  Our liturgy blends in all these traditions to a common worship order which is accepted and recognized by the CSI Synod , as well as the Madhya Kerala Diocese.
The Holy Week Commences:
The Holy week begins April 13th with Palm Sunday & ends April 20th with Easter. This week also marks the end of Lent.